In Orvieto the exhibition “Travelling. Beads of Saudade”


The Archeological Museum “Claudio Faina” in Orvieto is getting to display from December 5th 2015 to January 10th 2016 the temporary exhibition “Travelling. Beads of Saudade” (visits every week from Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.). The exhibition is connected with the inventive book of the same name by Laura Ricci and Salvatore Ravo, recently published by La Vita Felice publishing house. The book is written in Italian and English versions and presents in 250 pages 168 poems by the writer Laura Ricci, and 15 works of art by the painter Salvatore Ravo constituting the cover of the book and the fourteen images enriching the prestigious publication.

The mentioned exhibition collects 20 canvas with their connected poems in Italian and English and other paintings and watercolours inspired by the subject of the journey. Both in the book and in the exhibition, this journey in verses and images by Laura Ricci and Salvatore Ravo moves along an itinerary of light, along some lands bordering that most ancient and thrilling vector of knowledge and trade: the sea.

Far from any confessional intent, it is based on the model of a liturgical Via Lucis and its fourteen Stations, in a metaphor of the journey that leads to the constatation that the experience of suffering is not the true end and goal of human life, but a passage engendering liberation and joy.

By a real mapping that in the background of the paintings is referred to some geographic maps from the Eighteenth Century, putting out to sea from Hamlet castle, by drawings of light and countless allusions the itinerary moves along Scandinavia, Brittany, Normandy, Cornwall, Portugal, Provence, Neapolitan lands, Sicily, Malta, Rhodes, Turkey, Greece, lands of Otranto. So as to anchor in Venice, the gleaming fourteenth Station, metaphorical bridge between West and East.

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